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SIZE :12x24 tile, 24x24 tile, 24x48 tile covers 16 Square Feet per box.

SIZE : 2x2 mosaic can go by pieces. 

SIZE : 24x48 True White Polished Tile ETA 24-Oct-2022 , 24x24 True White (Glazed Porcelain ) Rectified Matte ETA 18-Oct-2022 , 12x24 True White (Glazed Porcelain) Rectified Polished ETA 018-Oct-2022 , 24x24 Mica Polished Tile ETA 25-Oct-2022 , 12x24 Mica Polished Tile ETA 25-Oct-2022 , 24x24 Charcoal Polished Tile ETA 04-Nov-2022, 12x24 Charcoal Polished Tile ETA 08-Oct-2022, 12x24 Charcoal Rectified Matte ETA 15-Oct-2022 ,2x2True white ( Glazed Porcelain )Matte Mosaic ETA 18-Oct-2022 & 2x2 Charcoal Matte Mosaic ETA 08-Oct-2022.

Refined surfaces of timeless beauty.

Enduring designs, providing the perfect easel for designers to flourish.